Working Capital Loan

We can structure several different types of working capital loans:

Hard Money Loan
If you or your company owns commercial real estate or an investment property we can structure a loan securing it with this asset.

Unconventional Collateral Loan
We can lend money on hard assets including gold, jewelry, watches, cars etcetera.  Generally in these instances we will take possession of these items or have a third party store them in the interim until the interest and principal is paid off.  These differ from a pawnshop loan as we will be dealing in larger values and can thus provide better rates than a pawnshop which are generally less flexible in these “special” circumstances.

Cash Advance
Some clients may require an unsecured cash advance, these will be companies that cannot qualify for a bank loan and have no hard assets or business receivables.  This type of funding arrangement is different from a typical bank loan as it focuses more on your cash flow statement, overal accounts receivables or customer credit card purchases.  We require at least a 500 credit score and a minimum of 2 years in business to qualify.